Back in Suriname... work 
I know, its a long time i updated the blog. I just came back from my vacations in Brazil and in a couple of hours i have to leave the hotel.

The pictures are already in the Photo gallery and i hope i find the time the next days to write some text :)
Have a nice time!

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Last Weekend in Brazil - Jericoacoara / Back @ Work in Norway 
more photos from Jericoacoara here...

Lagoa Azul - Jericoacoara

Finally I am Bergen, Norway onboard Geo Celtic. All flights were punctual and without any hassle this time. Some got stuck in snow and fog – but not me this time... hehe.
Jetlag keeps me awake and I decided to finish updating my blog :)

Lagoa Azul - Jericoacoara

Lagoa Azul - Jericoacoara

Gabriela and me

Lagoa Torta

After my trip to Sao Luis I flew back to Fortaleza and took the bus to Jericoacoara. I went with a couple of CSers and their friends. Some were already in Jeri the rest was on the same bus. Arrived there at 1am… and after leaving out luggage in the Pousada we went to the beach to drink some drinks :)

the dunes

The "Menu"

on the beach having a few drinks

agoa Paraiso. The colour of the lagoons were great, as the water, the people and everything. Just perfect! Party and drinking in the evening and then on Sunday we rented a pick-up again and went to Tatajuba, the dunes and had lunch at Lagoa Torta. Instead of showing us a menu card the waiters showed us the seafood and we could pick what we wished. The fish was awesome, some of the best I ever had!

getting stuck with the car...

the group :)

Unfortunately then at night we had to take the bus back to Fortaleza and I had my flight to Norway on Monday evening. I am quite sad as this weekend was really nice and also our group – just exceptional!

more photos from Jericoacoara here...

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Kitesurfing in Brazil 
more photos from Brazil here...

Since the beginning of October I spend my holidays in Brasil again. Crew change was in Bronnøysund. 5 Flights to reach Fortaleza: Bronnøysund-Trondheim-Oslo-Amsterdam-Lisbon-Fortaleza… finally already the first flight was delayed… but we made it to Oslo. In Amsterdam the only flight delayed was again mine… I arrived 10minutes before scheduled departure to Fortaleza, I don’t know how, but in Lisbon transfers are fast and I was lucky again.

In Fortaleza I checked in the hotel and went straight to a Bar to meet some Couchsurfers… All nice people, was just bit exhausted after the trip. The next evening we went to Ceara Music, a big open air festival, one of the biggest events in Fortaleza.
On Sunday morning I took the bus to Prea and the next day I was already on the board… :) Kitesurfing the whole week… making big progress. In the end of the week we had some downwinders until the end of the beach (8km) – just great! There was an Austrian, a Dutch couple and a German guy in the Pousada this week and normally I was kiting with them.

Jasper in the air - Oliver on the water...

Praia do Prea

Kiteloop - Jasper

Hacky flying away...

eating Crepes in Jericoacoara

Then at the weekend I moved to Jeri to enjoy nightlife… and on Sunday I was already back in Prea and ready for action.
This week we had some trips to nearby spots. One spot called “The Flatwaterlake” was… lets say not really our favourite… shitty waves and just too gusty! After 1hr we packed our stuff and went back to Prea.

Then on the weekend I headed back to Fortaleza, on Sunday there was the farewell party of Leidana. Then the next day I flew to Sao Luis in the state of Maranhão. A nice old town, once founded by the French. The same day I organised my trip to the National park of Lençóis Maranhenses. In the evening I met a guy from Rio and had dinner with him and went to a Forro (the local dance) place… One girl told me I should buy a doll and a CD and practice at home….. hahaha! She was not really good in explaining the steps – or maybe it was the language… then at 2 in the morning I arrived back in the hostel… The first thing I saw in my dorm… 2 huge cockroaches on my water bottle..!!! The whole night I was fighting against the heat in the almost not ventilated (no window) room. Cockroaches walking over my body all the time... Fortunately the bus already came 5 in the morning and I could escape...

Sao Luis

the window of my room

Some hours later I enjoyed already the endless lagoons and dunes – amazing! I slept in Barreirinhas and the next day there was an organized trip with a motorboat up the river to Caburé. Nice views on dunes and mangroves. This day I was exploring the dunes during the rest of the group drank some beers... and suddenly it started to rain. Just amazing those contrasts… the black clouds and the white sand!
In the evening I arrived again in Sao Luis and this time I booked a room in the Pousada Portas da Amazonia. I dint wanted to have the same experience again…
This Pousada is the best and nicest accommodation I had so far in Brazil (except Hacky’s chalets in Prea). Tomorrow I will fly back to Fortaleza and go to Jericoacoara again – to spend my last days before I have to fly back to Bergen for work.

more photos from Brazil here...

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Work on Geo Celtic in Sommer 08 
more photos from Work here...

Geo Celtic alongside in Hammerfest

Sunset in the Barentssea



After our Prospect in Mexico we spent the Summer in north Europe, Danish, English and Norwegian Waters. We had port calls near Amsterdam, Esbjerg, Bergen, Hammerfest and Bronnöysund. Now Celtic is in the Shipyard in Bergen and hopefully in mid November we will be in Suriname. Maybe the pictures look more like a pleasure trip with a cruise ship... nono we were seriously working!


waiting - having a break

Bergen - Harbour

Crew-x - going home!!! :)

more photos from Work here...

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Norway - Dovrefjell/Røros/Fosen/Tydal 
more photos from Norway here...

I am sitting here in Sao Luis, state of Maranhao in Brasil writing about my travel in Norway. It really feels strange… first of all because it is hot here and I am happy to have a working Air-Con in my room and second because I don’t need a stove and gloves… hahaha

Early morning, Sämi and me left rainy Switzerland behind us and in the afternoon we were already in the train from Trondheim to Kongsvoll – Sunshine! We made this decision as the weatherforecast looked great for the next 3 days.
After flying, taking a train we started to hike towards Snøheim and Snøhetta… after 3 hours we were really tired and pitched the tent and made our first warm meal.
The next days we hiked a lot, maybe more than 20km a day and just when the bad weather came we were sitting in the bus back to Trondheim. In Trondheim we occupied the couch of Astrid’s (shared) flat. She was such nice to us and drove as around in town… :)


I showed Sämi where I used to study (well… more doing other things than study… but well… needs to be mentioned as well). Then we had a Trip to Fosenkoia from NTNUI. Unfortunately we forgot the description how to reach the cabin… According to our map it was fairly easy… but after 3 hours of climbing we finally realized that the straight way up is too dangerous and steep… So we called Astrid (heheh sorry)… and she found the description on the internet. Some hours later we found the cabin… finally :)


Then we also went to the Holmsåkoia and Heinfjordstua. Tried to Hitch-Hike in pouring rain, which wasn’t really successful… Canoe trip until it started to rain.

just great!


after some minutes the ink disapeared on the wet paper...

those silly students (wasnt there one year ago)

Then on the weekend we went to Stokkøya – to the beach with Astrid. Nice day trip on Fosen. Then Sämi had to fly home and Astrid and me decided to drive to Røros… a nice old mining town which both of us never visited. Then it was finally also time for me to go – heading north to Hammerfest.

sunset at Jonsvatnet, near Trondheim

more photos from Norway here...

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Avenches, Electro Night and Gantrisch 
more photos from Climbing/Avenches here...

Before i went to Norway i spent some days in the mountains "climbing" and chillin at the Gantrischseeli. I also visited the Open-Air festival in Avenches - Electro Music that night. Fedde le Grans, Yves Larock etc...

Festival in Avenches



more photos from Climbing/Avenches here...

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Rio de Janeiro - Fortaleza - Praia do Prea - Jericoacoara 
more photos from Brazil here...

Sunset in Jericoacoara

some minutes earlier...

Dunes, Lagunes close to Jericoacoara

Then after a week I flew to Rio de Janeiro, where I met up with Florian, my current flatmate. There we visited the normal tourist attractions which are quite impressive. The beaches, Sugar Loaf, City Center, Santa Teresa, Corcovado, Copacabana, Ipanema, going out in Lapa.

Rio de Janeiro


Sugar Loaf


Rio de Janeiro is expensive. In restaurants you have to pay prices like in Europe. During the week it was raining for two days. We were a little bit disappointed about the city as there is almost nothing to do at rainy days. But in general Rio de Janeiro is an amazing city with amazing setting in the mountains and with its beaches. Then after a week we had finally our flight to Fortaleza, which was unfortunately delayed by 1 hr. We missed the bus to Jericoacoara and had to spend a night in Fortaleza. Fortaleza is a big city where Urban Planning is probably not really known. Ugly Skyscrapers all over. Lot of hotels – lot of prostitution.

Fortaleza Skyline at Sunset

Sunset in Fortaleza

The next day after 6 hours by bus and an hour by a 4x4 truck called “Jardineira” we arrived in the fishing village Preà. The next 2 weeks until the end of my holidays we stayed there… learning kitesurfing. The first week we just stayed in Prea. Each day there was steady wind from about 2pm-6pm. This means every morning just relax and wait for the wind :) The right thing for me… after 5 weeks work and 2 weeks spending in busy towns! The first week we had a chalet right in the kiteschool… Really nice!

view from our Pousada in Prea

Then after a week there was no wind for about 2 days and we decided to spend some time in Jericoacoara where the sandy road ends. A nice tourist town far away from any traffic and hassle. All roads are still sandy, no ATM, and no street lights. Just sand, sand beaches, nice little restaurants, and millions of stars at night. Jericoacoara was still sleeping and waiting for its high season where roads get crowded after midnight with people drinking Caipirinhas and dancing. There was some kind of party on the weekend, but just a few tourists. Cant imagine how this place looks in July and August! In Jericoacara we stayed at Pousada Sahara. We met the owner in the bus from Fortaleza and he gave me his business card. I checked then on the internet and it looked like a really nice place, and it was! Caryl the owner has just 3 rooms, and is sooo friendly. The first night he invited us for dinner… and without lying, it was the best fish I ever ate in Brazil!

"Mainroad" in Jericoacoara

Prea - Beach

Then for the last days we went back to Preà and stayed in a Pousada right in the “center”. Less exquisite, but also much cheaper and also with a great view on the beach. We were actually just 4 tourists in this town. Another couple from France-Italy was there learning in the same Kiteschool. There were just 2-3 restaurants open at that time… and we ended up eating chicken or fish with rice every evening, followed with some domino games with people from there. You get tired with this games… but the people there loved it. Also in the first week there was a village-party or something… where the kids danced and the older where drinking. We just paid 1 Reais for a caipirinha… what is about 0.60 .-… nothing! And I swear after 3-4 caipirinhas your mind doesn’t work anymore in the way it should.
Finally, great holidays! We haven’t seen a lot of Brazil, but that wasn’t the aim. We wanted to start with kite surfing and the School was great! I heard from other tourist that they were not pleased at all with their schools, guides just speaking Portuguese, not safe etc… Hacky the owner of the Kiteschool is Austrian (not Australian). And of course explanations in German are much better :)
If you want to learn Kitesurfing – go there! ;)
I am so looking forward to my next trip… somewhere on the board and the kite in the air :) Unfortunately we took almost no kite pictures as we were always busy with kiting…

me after a Kitesession :)

modern ferry :)

Next holidays I will come back to Switzerland after a long 3.5 month… I will stay there for about a week and then go hiking in Norway. I just hope the weather will be nice with us… but Norway is so unpredictable!

more photos from Brazil here...

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Work in Mexico and Santiago de Chile 
more photos from Santiago de Chile here...

Was nothing special those 5 weeks… except that I was able to take pictures of a Waterspout (Wasserhose)…

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile by Night (click to open it)

1hr drive from Santiago - SNOW!

Then finally there was Crew Change and I flew directly to Santiago de Chile, where I spent just a week: The country where girls play Football – where it is winter in summer – where people speak Chilean – and where I saw the Swiss loosing in the European Championships.
Had the idea to contact the Swiss Club in Santiago and they invited us for the first game. Was a big event in the Swiss School Santiago and the Swiss Club (which are just next to each other). At least 300 people where there, wearing red clothes and watching the game. Shouting: “Hopp Schwitz!” and “Damisiech! dä hät äber jitz scho ine söue!!! Verdamt nomol…” and a lot of Swiss cow bells… Was kind of a surreal experience… being so far away but so close!

more photos from Santiago de Chile here...

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